How do we get large Green House Gas (GHG) reduction in buildings?  We have the technology to reduce energy and GHG emissions in both new and existing building, but little action has occurred because we think it is not economical or we are waiting for legislation to force us.

TCBO Analytics SEEFAR© software shows that new high performance buildings and deep retrofits for existing building are economical today when the total cost of building ownership (TCBO) is considered.

Analysis Brief

• TCBO Analytics provides comprehensive financial modelling for buildings
• The SEEFAR© model shows total cost of building ownership
• New high performance buildings or deep energy retrofits have higher value
• This allows for greater GHG emission and energy reductions

TCBO Analytics, using its software tool SEEFAR©, provides comprehensive financial modelling, scenario analysis and consulting to show the total cost of building ownership (TCBO). When the TCBO is known, it is evident that large GHG emission reductions and energy reductions are greater than conventional construction approaches. This analysis shows building owners, designers, builders, capital funders, realtors and property assessment professionals that high value investments can be made to dramatically reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption.


TCBO Analytics is trying to bridge the gap between reducing Greenhouse Gases and building economical buildings for everyone.  We can show you that these are not mutually exclusive goals.

You can have a building that is your own style and creation as well as being an energy efficient structure.

Our team of professional engineers and financial experts have worked out the numbers and it can be done.  We can show you how.

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